Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Apparently God is British

I have a few different radio stations that I listen to regularly. If I am home during the week, at 7pm, the local Christian station plays "Adventures in Odyssey", a children's show I used to love. Now it provides a nice break in the middle of an evening of studying. Depending on the night (I haven't listened enough to figure out the exact schedule) different shows follow Odyssey. One is an older gentleman who plays a collection of what he terms "music for the soul". Old hymns, new ones, old ones re-done, lots of music from Salvation Army bands and a few marches here and there. He also plays clips of audio scripture. Right now the excerpt is from the book of Exodus where Moses is talking with God on Mount Sinai and getting the ten commandments. It makes me giggle because the guy who plays "God" has this big booming, authoritarian sounding voice...and a British accent! Apparently God is British. Who knew?

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

LOL! Well he say's y'all all the least to me! I want to hear that in a British accent! Huge Odyssey fans in this house! We listened to those on every road trip, which included grocery runs since we lived 3 hours away. I thought about selling the sets I have, but the kids wouldn't hear of it. But by the time they have kids, I wonder if we'll even have anything that'll play a cassette!