Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not the "Change" I had in mind

I moved to Ontario because I wanted a "change". Today it snowed more than five inches (and it's still falling) plus it's really windy and blowing the cold wet snow everywhere. It's one of the most miserable cold weather days we've had since I arrived...and it's March 23rd.

This is NOT the "change" I had in mind.

I get that the weather here is different than in BC but this is getting ridiculous. Spring was here. The geese were all back, the snow was all melted, the mittens and gloves were put away and BAM! Yi yi yi!

Good thing I don't have to go anywhere until 5pm when I work, and for that I can catch the bus. Hopefully the wind will have stopped by then. In any case, getting to the bus stop is better than digging my car out again.

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