Sunday, January 27, 2013


Before I start talking about my program and plans for the future I want to talk about some of the friends I have made here in Statesboro. I mentioned Kayla before and as I suspected we have definitely become good friends. She's great at getting me out when I could just hibernate in my bedroom doing school work and I'm thankful for her. Lots of people have commented that they are surprised that we only met when we arrived because we've clicked so well. One of the things she convinced me to do was to join a group called CCF or Christian Campus Fellowship. I'm not involved in any groups like that back home for a few reasons. #1 is I HAVE a church family and I'm very well connected with them. #2 is the time factor. I have so many other commitments that joining another group just isn't a smart move.

Here however, my time is just taken up by classes and school work. The other factor here is that the drinking culture is VERY prevalent. I mentioned my roommates in a previous post. They have obviously now arrived and I'm slowly getting to know them. Rachel is a Caucasian native to Georgia and I've talked with her the most just because our schedules seem to coincide the most. Terri is Black and I think from South Carolina. She goes home on weekends a bit more and I haven't talked with her that much. In any case, on Thursday I mentioned to Rachel that I was going out that evening. I knew she was as well because I had heard her discussing it and when she responded with "oh, where are you going (meaning what bar). Maybe we'll run into you!" I laughed and said "probably not, I'm going to bible study." It was funny. The point of that is to say that if you don't drink in Statesboro there's not a ton to do so it's nice to have connected with a good clean group of kids who aren't interested in drinking.

We've attended a few events with them. The first was a trivia night which I of course loved. My group won (Syrup Monkeys rule!) The second night was the aforementioned bible study and that is every Thursday night. The theme for the bible study is "Jesus at the Movies". The first week was just an introduction and this week the movie was Hunger Games so it was really interesting. The themes centered on sacrifice, how Katniss offered herself instead of Primrose, and living boldly. This style of bible study is different for me but I'm appreciating it.

Friday was an all-nighter at the CCF house. I was there till 11ish and then I begged off. I'm too old for shenanigans like that :P This morning Kayla and I accepted an invitation from two freshmen to attend church with them. It was nice. Different from what I'm used to in that it was a very contemporary service but it was good to be back in a worship service on a Sunday morning. I'm sure we'll continue to hang out with this group. Most of them are from the state of Georgia so it's nice to get to know some "locals".

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