Saturday, July 27, 2013

French Friends

I was talking with my friend Kayla the other day and she asked if I’ve made any friends since starting working in France. As someone who makes friends as easily as breathing, it was an interesting question. The answer is no. Aside from the family I’m living with of course but they are employers as well as friends. They have had some friends visit and they have all been lovely people that I have had some great conversations with but they’re not my friends. On my days off I go exploring but it’s all solo.

Instead of making friends I’ve been connecting with the friends I DO have. I spend a lot of time on Facebook just keeping up with people and I have sent messaged to literally dozens of my friends recently. Some I chat with regularly anyway but some I have just had passive FB friendships with and it’s time to reconnect. It’s good. I’ve met a lot of fascinating people already this year and instead of making all sorts of new friends, I’m taking the time to invest in the friendships I do have. And to blog again. Because it’s for me, and it’s for my friends <3 o:p="">

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