Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Promise I'm Not Hiding...

I've mentioned that I have the best room in the house. My boss told me that when he showed it to me for the first time and I confirmed it again last week to which he replied "yes, you're here for two months, everyone else comes and goes. That's why we give you the best one." I have the best view of the Bay of Cannes, a lovely breeze and a nice desk where I keep my computer and papers. When I have free time in the afternoon I generally can be found up here. I'm just the most comfortable here.

I was discussing it with my mom and she said "yes, you've always liked your room". It's true. I try to blame it on those first four months in Ontario when my little know-it-all-roommate was driving me nuts and I was hiding from her. It started a bit of a pattern but the truth is it's been going on a lot longer than that. Mom said it started when we lived on Perth Street which we moved to at the end of sixth grade. I countered and said I remember playing alone with my barbies and the door closed on Astoria but the truth is, it started the moment I got my own room. I often joke that the best thing about having three brothers was that I got my own room and they had to share but it is actually very true. Ever since I was big enough to have my own room, I've retreated to it. I don't specifically remember getting my own room. We can assume it was whenever Robert was big enough to sleep in a real bed rather than the crib, so probably when I was four or five. Before that we all shared a room. I do remember the bed I got. It was white, homemade (my parents bought it at a garage sale) and it was an odd 3/4 sized mattress. Bigger than a single or a twin but not as big as a double. And I had a Holly Hobby bedspread and matching curtains. I remember playing alone in that room too.  We had a huge rec room downstairs but I often played in my room, and that has continued.

I recently re-pinned this quote on Pinterest. It is so true. I am an extremely social person but I NEED alone time. That's why I am so incredibly thankful for my placement this summer. I get a lot of alone time where I can retreat and hang out in my room and it's wonderfully restorative.

Some days I also think it's why I'm still single. Because I CAN be alone. So many people can't. In contrast I thrive on it. Yes it gets a bit lonely sometimes but I have a ton of friends and I can always reach out to them without feeling any obligation. It's a good place for someone like me to be in :) As long as no one thinks I'm hiding.

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