Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It just stopped

As you can see I haven't blogged in a week. Life is going well. Nothing too exciting to report. The weather has been cool and rainy which is fine after the extreme heat we had two weeks ago. I was at the SSWA III.v Retreat last weekend and I had a great time. It was very relaxed. I didn't get a ton accomplished but I'm inspired to keep working on my albums and not "stuck" any more.
Today though, today I have stuff to blog about :( First off the sun is out. That's the good news. It's really nice outside...almost too nice. It's pretty warm out there.
The bad news is that I went out at lunch and my car stopped driving. I was coming out of the Tim Horton's drive thru and all of a sudden when I hit the gas nothing happened. It was the same feeling as when accidently put the car in neutral instead of drive (I have an automatic). I stopped (in the middle of a mostly empty parking lot), put the car in park and back in drive but nothing happened. I turned it off and turned it back on and when I did, the engine turned over but then nothing. I couldn't even shift it then.
My first call was to my ex-mechanic dad who talked to me and decided that he didn't know what it could be. The second call was to BCAA (AAA) which is roadside assistance. I signed up in April because my car is seven years old now and even though it hasn't given me trouble yet, you just never know. Plus with all the travelling I do to the States, I didn't want to get stuck down there. I also got their travel insurance mostly for my Texas trip but also because again, I'm down in Washington all the time.
Anyways, BCAA sent out a tow truck. He took an hour to arrive though so I just sat in the sun and read until he arrived. He looked under my hood and then under the car. Banged on it a few times and decided that it *might* be the fuel pump but a shop would have to determine that. We towed it to a mechanic that is right behind my office (very convenient) and one that Dad had suggested when we first talked.
So, now I am sitting here waiting for the mechanic to call. He's going to diagnose it and then call me with an estimate. At that point I'll probably call the shop Dad normally uses for a comparison. Either way I'm out way more $$ then I have available for this. Wish me luck!

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