Thursday, July 12, 2007

Memories brought on by heat

I worked in the dark all day. No, the power wasn't out. We just didn’t bother using it. The Weather Network listed the temperature at 36oC. By keeping all the blinds closed, the over head lights off and fans blowing throughout the office we managed to keep it closer to about 20. Working in the dark was different though. I still had plenty of light and of course my computer monitor was illuminated.

The extreme heat brought back interesting memories. Today around lunch time my boss pulled out some old promotional videos and we viewed them together. The videos hadn't been stored very well so the tape had faded to that weird red colour. It took me right back to stifling hot portables watching school approved reel-to-reel videos on "educational" subjects.

The heat also reminds me of the summer of 1996. My parents went on a trip and Aaron and I stayed with friends. I babysat Aaron and one other boy during the day and the parents were home in the evening. I had strict instructions on when to open which windows and which blinds at what part of the day in order to keep the townhouse as cool as possible. I know it was the summer of 1996 because I spent most of the time in the basement watching the Atlanta Olympics on tv.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was so hot that I just came home and slept. I didn't have any energy to do anything else. I was okay with that though. Today (Wednesday) I stopped at home briefly before heading downtown for our wrap up dinner for the Berrybeat Festival. All done until next year :)


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