Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Canada!

Canada Day. We missed the parade for the first time in a long time because we were at church. Afterwards, oh I haven't blogged this yet. My mom's dad and sister arrived on Saturday evening. They're here visiting for a week. After church we had lunch and then went for a walk around the lake. My camera batteries were dead which made me mad. I haven't seen Grandpa in two years and when I do and I'm in a beautiful park FULL of photo opportunities, I can't take any. :( Anyway, we had a nice walk but the u.l.t.r.a. slow pace was getting to me so I went home when we got back...or at least I intended to go home. Instead I went and hung out at Jenna's for a little while and THEN I went home...well, actually I didn't get home then either LOL
I called Amanda and joined their group for watching the fireworks. It was a lot of fun. It made for a late night but I can add another place to "where I've been to see Canada Day fireworks".

Happy 140th Birthday Canada :)


PS Today I'm enjoying the stat holiday. Mom is supposed to call when they decide what's going on today. As soon as I get dressed I may head over there but I'm not in a huge hurry. I'll let you know what we decide to do.

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