Saturday, June 30, 2007

This is the pay off for making a pest of yourself

My loyal blog readers will remember me talking about "Steve" the morning show DJ on my local country station. I call him all the time and generally make a pest of myself, in a good way. Sometimes he plays our conversation on air, sometimes not. Anyways, this morning I called him to tell him that Doc Walker was coming to town and to ask if he'd heard anything about it yet. He told me that no, he hadn't (which wasn't a surprise). It progressed to "What are you doing this weekend". Standard question. For some reason whenever I call him I have nothing planned. It's rather funny. He asked if I was going to the Willie Nelson concert tonight in Vancouver. "No, because I'm too cheap to buy tickets and because no one would have gone with me anyways". He asked if I WANTED to go. "Of course!" Then he said, "Well, I have tickets here but there's one have to go with me." The promoter gave him tickets and he, like me, has no one to go with. He is NOT a country fan, but he does like Willie. None of his friends are country fans either and they don't even want to see Willie.

It was a lot of fun. Willie's getting old and you can tell. It was a small concert. Large enough venue but not a large turnout. Same place I saw Dierks in January but there were probably twice the people there for Dierks. We were seventh row up off the floor but still had a good view. Very interesting concert. He sang for quite awhile and did all his hits plus quite a few off the new album and a BUNCH of covers. Well, I don't know if you can call them covers but they were all big songs for other artists. He probably wrote half of them. I just don't know his catalogue well enough to be sure. He's a whiz on the guitar though (even if poor Trigger is falling apart) and his sister was brilliant on the piano. He had his two youngest sons on stage with him too. It was a an interesting experience. Once in a lifetime because I'll proably never go see him again but I am really glad I was able to.



Veronica in Aus said...

Lucky girl. Of course, I am not a country fan, but even I know Willie ;) And so, was the DJ a good concert pal?

Emmy said...

I'm glad you had a good time! Like you, Willie is not someone I'd go out of my way to see but if an opportunity like that arose I'd have gone, too :)

Lee said...

LOVE Willy Nelson. An icon. I'm an occasional fan of country music and never miss his concert when he's in the area (Toronto). Glad you had a good time!