Monday, June 25, 2007

I am exhausted but I got a compliment

I am exhausted right now. My boss and I moved and re-packed eight boxes stuffed full of dusty old files today. I am so tired now.

I want to share a big compliment I got last week though. As you know I work very closely with our board of directors. I coordinate all the meetings, in person and the zillions of conference calls we hold (I swear, if you ask me what I'm doing at work each day, 85% of the time I'm working on minutes).

One director in particular can be quite demanding. He's a nice man but he works for a big company and expects to get what he asks for. One of my co-workers had a run in with him a a few years back and every time his name is mentioned she gets her back up. Because I haven't had the same experience, I happen to think that her reaction is funny.

Another thing you should know is that the board strikes committees as they see fit. The goal is to NOT be on any new committee. It's almost like a game to them LOL In fact they typically nominate anyone who is NOT at the meeting to sit on the committee.

So, back to the compliment. Last week we were participating in a conference call and they decided to strike another committee. Someone nominated this director as chair. His response? "I'll chair the committee if Heidi organizes it. She does such a great job of making sure that we all know about it and sending us reminders. If she does that, I'll chair the committee and make sure it accomplishes what it needs to."


My boss was *VERY* impressed. In fact she was looking at me and motioning to the phone and mouthing "that is a HUGE compliment"!

It makes me feel good and now I don't mind nagging them about calls so much LOL


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Veronica in Aus said...

Wow - what a great pat on the back....except, of course, it means more work ;)