Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tower of the Americas

After the Alamo we made our way past the San Antonio Convention Center to the Tower of the Americas. Ginger and went up to the observation deck while Joanie and Diane waited below. It took us a little while to find a functional elevator or a staff person that was willing to direct us but once we did, we decided it was worth the ride. I really enjoyed looking down on the River Walk area and identifying the buildings that we had just gone by in the boat. I took a LOT of pictures from up there. Some zoomed in, some not. Too many to share so I'll try and just include my favourites here.

As you can see it was rather overcast so while we had decent visibility, it wasn't great. Being up there reinforced for me that I'd love to spend more time in San Antonio.
Proof that I really was up there.
Another part that I really enjoyed was all the displays they had. We were pressed for time so I didn't read each individual one but there was tons of information on the history of Texas, the Mission Trail and more.

I got a kick out of seeing this fountain from above, and then from the ground. Note the planter with it's trail of flowers.

To get back to where Joanie and Diane had the van, Ginger and I walked through the convention center. I made the aquaintance of Sam Houston on the way through.

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