Friday, June 08, 2007

The Higgins & The Richmond Night Market

Remember I told you "more about the Higgins" in a future post in my re-cap of the Acoustic Concert Series? Well this is why. I'm very overdue on this entry but I'm still going to post it. After seeing the Higgins perform at the ACS, I added them as a friend on MySpace and checked out their future concert dates. One of the ones they had was on Sunday, May 27th at the Ladner May Days festival. When that day arrived it was kind of overcast but I was still able to talk Mom, Seth and Aaron into going to check out the festival with me. When we got there, everyone was starting to clean up so the festival itself was very disappointing. We took a walk around Ladner but because it was a Sunday, all the shops were closed. We came back to the festival site to see the Higgins and we all really enjoyed the show. By that time the sun was shinning so it was warm but not overly so. The set list was pretty much the same as at the ACS but they had some different comments between songs and they threw in a few imprompue tunes for the kids that were dancing in front of the stage.
The Higgins have preformed at this festival many times and you could tell that they were really comfortable there. I bought their cd's afterwards and had them sign them for me. I told that I had seen them at the ACS and they were really appreciative that I came out to see them in Ladner. Kathleen (the brunette) even recognized me from MySpace!

Following the performance, since we were already almost in Richmond, we drove over to Ikea. Of course it closed at 6pm :p On the way there I saw the signs for the Richmond Night Market. This is something I have wanted to visit for a *long* time. It was fascinating. The sounds, colours, smells, everything compounded for a whole sensory experience. Each of us bought something. The amount of *stuff* that is available was mind boggling. The food was...interesting. I ended up getting a "young coconut" with a straw in it to drink and a pastry with nutella in it. I'll definitely go back there this summer. Maybe next time I'll actually take pictures :P


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