Thursday, June 07, 2007

No I don't live in Europe

I have used Yahoo's LaunchCast music service since April 2004. Meaning I have paid for it since then. I used the free version of the service for a long time before that. For me, it is an excellent option. I am in front of a computer for an average of eight hours a day, five days a week. Having the radio playing would drive me nuts (I get sick of the commercials just from listening on evenings and weekends) and I don't do well with silence (I need something to drown out my co-workers) so internet radio is a good option for me. I like LaunchCast because they give me unlimited skipping of songs (sometimes even though I may LIKE a song, I'm just not in the mood for it right then), they have full cd's of songs that have just been released (not only the singles) and they are "radio that listens to you" which means that they're great at recommending songs based on your preferences. "You like George Strait? Well, you'll probably like Alan Jackson too then." etc. Lately though the song selection has been frustrating me. They aren't debuting new material and they got rid of all the pre-set country stations. I actually went so far as to email them. I got a reply back but it wasn't the answer I was looking for and I didn't have the brain power to try and explain it to them.

Today I figured out what the problem was. LaunchCast has grown so that it is international. Somehow, my "Language & Content" got changed to "English - United Kingdom" and my time zone to GMT UK/Spain! I put my time back to Pacific and changed my Language & Content to "English - Canada" and it's already a million times better. Plus, all the pre-set country stations are back. Apparently they don't listen to country in the UK.

It's good to be home :)


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