Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rally in the Valley

Last weekend I attended Rally in the Valley for the second time. (You can read about my adventures from last year here) Friday again was the "Trail in Dance" and it was pretty low key. Saturday I decided that if I woke up early (like I have been doing lately) then I'd go to the pyjama dance. I ended up not waking up until 10am which was fine. I obviously needed the sleep. I made a trifle (my first!) and then made it out there in time for the 1pm Square Dance workshop. My partner and I decided to skip out on the Rounds workshop because we both had stuff to do. I headed into town where and ran errands. I stopped at a scrapbook store and picked up a few little things. I stopped at a second hand book store and bought a book that I've been looking for, for four dollars! I also got a car wash and stopped at the grocery store. It was a very productive afternoon.
After that I was thinking of renaming this blog "Scrapbooking, Square Dancing and Songs" LOL

I got back to the hall in time for the potluck dinner. SO many yummy dishes :) We started the evening dance with a Grand March opening and the visiting clubs brought their banners. It's an impressive sight. I chose to not march this year but instead take pictures of the procession.

Dancing that evening was fun but it was HOT. I actually started feeling sick and had to sit out a few tips just because I was over heating. It wasn't good. :( I really didn't pay attention to how many people were there but it was a decent turn out.

Sunday afternoon, after church, we danced at Minter Gardens again. I got there late and there was another performer booked for the afternoon so I only actually danced two tips. I was okay with that because I was still stinkin' hot. I just went out there to say good-bye to everyone because now I won't see them until dance starts back up in September. I love it but I'm enjoying to the break :) (I didn't take any pictures at the gardens because I was there for such a short time.

From that dance I went straight over to family friends for a church picnic. It was very relaxing. A great way to spend a Sunday evening...until the clouds rolled in :)


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