Thursday, June 21, 2007

MySpace vs. Facebook

I've been a member of MySpace since approximately last June. I have over 90 "friends" there but the majority are musicians and SS friends. I've avoided Facebook for a long time but after I got back from Texas when someone sent me an invitation, I said "what the heck" and joined. Within two weeks I had two dozen friends, and I didn't request any of them. I've since started requesting a few and now, within two months, have almost 80 friends. A few days ago I joined the group for my grad class so that number will probably go up pretty fast.

I don't like Facebook but apparently the rest of the world does!!!

So far my most exciting "friends" are a bunch of cousins of mine who I've never talked to online. I logged on over the weekend for my parents and showed them a bunch of pictures of my cousins kids and now they're talking of joining! LOL I'm also getting contacts from old co-workers and associates.

Anyways, it's been good. A bit weird to talk to all these people who I haven't seen in up to eight years, but good none-the-less.


PS I need to give a shout out to Karis who said that she's actually been reading THIS blog without me knowing about it. Welcome!

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Lee said...

LOVE Facebook ... never figured out MySpace - too busy for me. What don't you like about FB?