Sunday, June 24, 2007

No luck on being coherant :(

I spent yesterday moving between my bed and the couch. Mostly just my bed though. I had a splitting headache caused by sinus pressure and the rest of my body just aches. It's not fun. I decided around 1pm that I had enough energy to make some lunch. I had a sandwhich and some chips and an hour or two later I threw it all back up :( This morning I'm feeling a bit better. Still very sore and weak. I had some weatabix and an orange for breakfast. Hopefully I can keep it down. I was drinking neo-citron yesterday but I think that was contributing to my loopiness so I'm going to lay off it today.

My scrapbooking/card making stuff is mocking me. I want to work on it but I just don't have the energy :(


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