Tuesday, September 11, 2007

blogger burn out be gone!

Wow. I'm sorry. I kind of got blogger burn-out after all those concerts and then I got super busy and I just haven't been blogging at all. Let's see. What have I been up to?

Here's a recap of the long weekend from my email to Deb:

Let's see, Friday (August 31) I went to Costco with Mom. We made the clerk laugh. I was splitting a box of chicken with Seth and a package of hamburger with Mom. I was trying to figure out how much cash to give Mom so she could pay. The clerk was trying to be all helpful and asked "can I give you a sub-total?" We replied, "Only if you can split the hamburger!"

Once we were done there we went back to Mom's and I re-packaged the chicken and hamburger and put half of it in her freezer and took half home. My freezer's too small but her's has lots of room. Now I can just go shopping at Mom's when I run out of meat!

Saturday (September 1) I had breakfast with Jenna, Kimberley and Melissa. After that, Meredith and I headed into Vancouver. We went shopping on South Granville. Neither of us had been there before so it was fun and then had dinner downtown at a sports bar and dessert at the Pan Pacific.

Sunday (September 2) after church I went out for lunch with Mom, Dad and a bunch of other people and then I just hung out at their place. Mom and I played Scrabble (and she beat me horribly) and we went for a walk.

Monday (September 3) I didn't leave the house at all. It was great. I even SCRAPBOOKED!!! Woohoo! LOL It was a nice relaxing day. Seth was watching a Will & Grace marathon and I just puttered around.

Tuesday, September 4 I went back to work and found out that my boss had pneumonia AND bronchitis. We knew she was coming down with something but we didn't expect it to hit that hard. You can't control your health though! Normally it wouldn't have been a big deal but that week was our Annual General Meeting and Quarterly Board Meetings.

Wednesday, in a conference call with our accountant, lawyer and chairman, I was volunteered to RUN the meetings. Yikes! Thankfully my boss had really detailed speakers notes which she reviewed with me so I was confident and prepared going in to the meetings.

Thursday was final prep for the meetings with the Confidential one starting at 4pm. Juding from the comments that I received afterwards, I did alright. I presented all the information that staff needed to communicate and "facilitated" effectively. It was a good experience. Not something I'd necessarily want to repeat regularly or on such short notice but good none-the-less.

Friday was the Non-Con meeting and the AGM. Thankfully our Chair and Lawyer ran the AGM :) I got home just before five and took a nap. Those meetings always wipe me out. That evening I couldn't decide what to do. I finally ended up calling Jenna's house. She was out with Will but her sister invited me over and we watched the second Harry Potter movie together. It was nice and relaxing. Exactly what I needed.

Saturday I took my time getting ready but eventually made my way out to Terri's to scrapbook. We had a great time. Sue, Shannon and Kim were there too. I got a page done that I've been worrying about and I'm happy with how it turned out.

Sunday we had a late service so, even though it was a beautiful sunny day, I stayed at home and puttered around. I scrapbooked a bit, watched tv and read.

With work and life being so busy I'm really focusing on enjoying quiet time when I can get it.

That's about it for now. I have a biggish announcement that I'm not ready to blog yet. Stay tuned though.


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