Monday, September 03, 2007

Acoustic Concert Series: Shane Yellowbird

Wednesday, August 29th The second of the Acoustic Concert Series. I've really been looking forward to this concert. The headliner was Shane Yellowbird from Alberta and local artist Damian Marshall opened for him. I saw Damian last summer when he opened for Leann Rimes. That was another show that I won tickets to from the radio station!

It was nice to see him again in a smaller setting. He is an awesome song writer and has some great songs.

Meredith came with me. She's not a country music fan but she does love live music so we had fun.

Shane was awesome. The funny thing was he opened for Emerson Drive last fall. If i had taken a road trip to see them I would have seen him as well. Instead I waited and got to see them both within three days!

Shane only has one cd (which is awesome). He sang a lot of songs off of it including his debut single "Beautiful Concept" which he called his "baby" :), "They're All About You", the song that really caught my attention and first made me google him, his new single "I Remember the Music" which I am loving, and of course, his mega (Canadian) hit, "Pickup Truck". Kristal's actually in the video for Pickup truck too.

He also did *fantastic* covers of "Texas in 1880" and Garth Brooks' "Rodeo". Shane grew up doing the rodeo circut with family and if he wasn't persuing a music career, he'd still be out there riding. Because of that, to me, he could sing those songs and really mean them.

Shane and his guitarist Troy shared a few stories of performing and being on the road and had us all in stitches. That's the benefit of an acoustic concert. The artists can slow down and chat a little bit so it's more personable. I did get to meet him afterwards and got a photo and autograph. He's really sweet and down to earth. I wish him a long and happy career because I love his music! LOL

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