Sunday, September 16, 2007

I guess I should be happy...

that it hasn't happened before :(

This weekend I went down to Lopez Island with Darrcie for a scrapbook retreat. This is what? The third or fourth time I've gone south across the border to the US to scrapbook this year. I've done it a bunch in the past too. This time, after waiting in line for well over an hour, they decided to question my motives. Sent me inside and grilled me while they searched my car.

The "Border Protection Agent" assigned to my case told me "this is what I think. I think you're going down to sell product in the states". How do you convince these people that the product you're bringing is for personal use? Yes I had at least one pack of un-opened pages but that was about it. Granted I have been lazy in cleaning out my car. I do still have the CM decal on my window (it makes finding a silver Corolla a whole lot easier!) and I do have a few old business cards floating around (does the fact that they are two addresses ago not work in my favour?) Mostly they just decided to pick on me.

The BPA dude told me "you realize that if you're lying and I find out, you'll never be allowed in to the USA again?" I told him that I realized that but I was telling the truth and not about to change what I had to say. Of course he didn't like that. He ended up calling Darrcie to confirm who I was and where I was going, checking SS (because I told him that's where I "met" her) and, looking me up on Get this though. MY NAME SHOWED UP!!! WTH?!?!?! I've been deactivated for almost TWO YEARS! And my name still shows up on the locator.

A word of advice to any active or not active consultants, remove any and all reference to CM from your person/car and ONLY bring your "personal use" scrapbooking supplies (whatever that's supposed to mean. I thought I packed light this time!)

It's not fun to be accused of something that isn't true. I can be glad that it was something I could truthfully answer about. (And man is it natural to want to defend yourself!!!)

They went through EVERYTHING. Including my wallet. Which has CMSheriTx's business card in it. "When did you talk to her last?" "Uh, like in person or online?" "When did you talk to her last?" (thanks for the clarification) "Yesterday I guess" (We posted to the same thread. Does that count?)

Anyways, I know they're just doing their job and I probably could have (and will) clean out my stuff a bit more but man, I waited over an hour to get the third degree. Not fun.

The retreat was fun though. That was good. And getting home was a breeze. "Where do you live?" "How long were you gone?" "What is the value of goods being brought back" "Have a nice day!"

~Heidi...glad to be home...


Sherilyn said...

Wow. Who knew? I can't believe they gave you that hard of a time. We've got illegals crossing the border right and left down here, but you get the third degree because they think you might sell a pack of pages to someone?

Shelljo said...

Oh, Heidi, what a nightmare! Glad it all turned out ok.