Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This afternoon I set my phone to silent when I went into a board meeting. After it finished I stopped at home quickly and then headed to my parents. While I was driving I realized I should probably turn the ringer back on. When I opened it to change the setting, it rang! It was my mom wanting to ask me a question. I was like "well, I'm actually on my way to your house. Can you wait five minutes?" Good timing :) I also got dinner there.

From there I stopped at Jenna's. I wanted to return books 5 & 6 of Harry Potter and pick up book 7. My plan was to just stop by and get home to watch tv and upload some pictures. That didn't work. Janik was there and Jenna's sister Katherine, then Will (Jenna's husband) joined us and a friend of his stopped by. We ended up visiting until 11! It was so nice and relaxing and funny and interesting and exactly what friends should be. Better than tv any day :)

This morning one of my co-workers gave her notice. She's been looking for something else for awhile now and she finally found it. Her new position is with a company and work environment that will fit her really well. We'll miss her a LOT, especially her technical expertise but I know this is a good thing for her. Good luck S!


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