Thursday, June 29, 2006

Leann Rimes & Adam Gregory

Are you tired of concert reviews yet? I hope not cause I’ve got another one. :D Saturday was neat because there were so many big name artists there but there is something to be said about a smaller venue. The Plaza of Nations is right on False Creek in Vancouver and Tuesday was a perfect day for a (mostly) outdoor concert.

I left work at 4:30 like normal and ran home and changed. Then I went to the video store to pick up my tickets (it is owned by the same company as the radio station so it's really convenient). They were a bit confused there with who was supposed to get what and I ended up getting both my tickets AND Adam Gregory's brand new cd!

After that I picked up my co-worker and we headed into Vancouver. Traffic was a bit goofy but we made good time. We parked and then had to wait in the LONGEST line I have EVER seen. It only took about 45 minutes to get through the doors though. The good news was that even though the tickets said "Doors open at 6:30" Damian Marshall (the first act) didn't take the stage until just as we were walking through the gate.

Damian Marshall is a fairly new Canadian artist who is getting good airplay in Vancouver. His current singles include: "Where I'm Running From", "Where I'm Running From" and "I Know What Love Is". I am familiar with him from the radio so it was neat to see him live. He played a short set that included a cover of Gary Allan's "Right Where I Need To Be" and was only backed up by another guitar but it was good.

Adam Gregory, who came on next, is another Canadian artist. He released his first cd at 14! It's been fun watching him grow up, and grow up he has! I've listened to his music for years but this was the first time I've had the opportunity to see him live. He was fantastic...of course, being close to the stage makes a HUGE difference. He did really well though. Great interaction with the crowd, excellent stage presence and a good voice. Plus you could tell he was having a lot of fun. He did a bunch of songs from his new cd including: "Get It On", "Really Love Someone", "Get Your Boots On" (my new favourite party song), "She's So California", "Twister Girl", and "Invitation" He also did his very first single "Horseshoes", as well as "The World Could Use a Cowboy", "Could Have Fooled Me", "When I Leave This House" and others.

Adam did a great job of getting the crowd fired up and by the time Leann Rimes came on we were ready to rock. She didn't disappoint either. She opened with "Somethings Gotta Give" and quickly moved through (in no particular order) "Big Deal", "I Need You", "Blue" "One Way Ticket Beacause I Can" and "Commitment" as well as her newer songs like "Some People", "I Want to With You", "Nothin' 'Bout Love Makes Sense" and "Can't Fight the Moonlight".

Leann has an AMAZING voice. It is SO strong and she really used the opportunity to showcase it. It was fantastic. She was very confident on stage, and you could tell she was at home there. It is obvious that she’s been in the business for a long time.

Leann is another artist who I have watched grow up. She’s a little over a year younger then me and she also started her career at a very young age. Lately she’s been focusing more on her pop career and she just released a pop record in the UK. I’m looking forward to the country album she has scheduled for release later this year.

As well as her own material, Leann also did a Janis Joplin song. It was really neat to see her do “other” stuff and while I wasn’t familiar with the song, it sounded really good and the crowd loved it. Her encore was “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way” and “How Do I Live”.

I’m really glad I was able to see all three artists. It was a fun night. I paid for it the next day though. I was SO tired. My co-worker is still getting her voice back too.

I (again) took lots of pictures. I’ll try and post them in the next few days.


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