Friday, June 30, 2006

treasure hunt

Get this. Due to Diane’s influence, I’ve been planning on doing a 7x7 album of all the concerts I’ve been to. I even have a bright snap pack just waiting for it. My only stumbling block was that I needed to go back through a few years worth of negatives to find the ones I needed so I could make copies and start the book. A few days ago I finally got inspired to start looking. Of course *I* didn’t find anything. I left it with Mom (who has been organizing pictures and negatives on and off for the past few years).

Today when I got home from work she announced that she had found two of the four sets of negatives that I was looking for. After dinner we worked together and with some major brainstorming, came up with another set. The fourth set was eluding me though. I found the first half of the concert but not the shot I had in mind. One I’ve already scrapbooked so I *know* I have it. Why couldn’t I find it? Then off the cuff Mom asks:

“Are you sure YOU took that photo? Maybe it was from Melissa’s camera.”

Me: “uh oh. That’s not funny!”

She’s right. It was on Melissa’s camera. Luckily I have a disk of the pictures…now to find the disk…


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Glad I could help influence ya :)