Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Canada Day Long Weekend

So that's how you pass a very relaxing long weekend. Saturday was Canada Day so Mom, Dad, Aaron and I went to the Burnaby Village Museum. They had free admission and some different "celebrations". Unfortunately we missed most of the celebrations including the parade so it didn't feel very "Canada Dayish". It was fun to walk around the museum though. It's been YEARS since we've been there and I only remembered bits and pieces of it. There was a couple of on duty Mounties hanging out so I got my picture taken. That's pretty "Canada Day ish" :)

We came home for dinner and hung around trying to keep cool (it's been VERY warm for a few weeks now) and then headed over to Exhibition Park to see the fireworks. Here are some of my favourite shots.

Sunday was pretty low key. Church in the morning and then trying to keep cool. Mom had to go to work (she cleans my old office) so I worked on figuring out which negatives belonged to which pictures. (See my previous post) In studying the negatives I discovered that Costco in all their brilliance had not only missed a few of the shots on the negatives (which they often do), they had also CUT THE NEGATIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PICTURE!!! Arrrgh! I called Wal-mart and found out that to get negatives turned into a digital file and burned to a cd is only $3.97 for 120 pictures so I decided to do that. Hopefully I can patch some of the pictures together myself. One of the mangled shots is a close up of Dierks! A picture I didn't even know I had!!! Man I love digital!

Just as I was getting ready to head down to Wal-mart Seth (my brother) called. He had been up visiting Robert in Vernon and on the way back his car died. He was stranded about 2 hours from home. Being the good sister that I am, I decided to go rescue him. Nothing like a summer drive on the Coquihalla :) It was a good trip. I cranked my music and enjoyed the scenery and was home in under five hours.

Monday Dad had to work so Mom, Aaron and I went out and explored some trails. We ended up on a service road that took us a-r-o-u-n-d a new development (Auguston). It was a rather boring trip but it was a good work out. Of course Aaron wasn't too impressed with having to walk that far but he suffered in silence :)

Yesterday evening after dinner (and a nap) Mom, Dad and I went out to White Rock and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Mom and I had books and we sat on a blanket on the grass and read while Dad walked out to the pier. Afterwards we had ice cream and then came home.

So it was a busy weekend in some ways but very relaxing in others. Quiet enjoyable.

Today (Tuesday) I start work at 1pm because my boss and I are doing a filing day and we don't want to be interupted. We start at one and go until whenever we are finished.

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and Happy (belated) Canada Day to my Canadian friends!



Veronica in Aus said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend - love the shot with the "bounty hunters" ;) And great fireworks shots too!!

Emmy said...

Great photos and sounds like a nice weekend!

I love your fireworks photos, I took my first pictures of them this year and I *hope* they turn out half as good as yours have!