Friday, July 14, 2006

Busy Living Life

Not much new to report. I got a call from our manager yesterday and we’ve been “approved” for the apartment. I’m working on coordinating the deposit with Seth right now.

Mom, Dad and Aaron went to Alberta for the weekend for a quasi-family reunion. Robert was going to go with them but he got his dates mixed up and was planning on NEXT weekend. He’s really sad that he can’t go. It will work out though. Hopefully next weekend he can come down and get the rest of his stuff from Seth.

With Mom and Dad being gone it means I’m house sitting two places. Of course at theirs I have the rabbit to deal with :P

Tomorrow I’m going to a workshop hosted by one of my local cmc friends. I need the stress relief. Other then that I’m just busy living life. I did start organizing some stuff yesterday and packing a little bit. I have a lot more to do though.

Have a great weekend!


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