Friday, July 21, 2006

Hot, Hot, HOT!


That's hot. Of course I spent most of the day in an overly air conditioned board room (BTW the meeting went fine, much better then I had hoped. Oh, and my boss is away next week so hopefully I can get some stuff accomplished.) Now I am at home and I'm sitting her and sweating. Not actually doing anything but sweating none-the-less. I *should* go downstairs to my room and pack but after not having internet access for 36 hours I have a ton of emails to weed through in my inbox. The weird thing is that as I sit here, they multiply. There are apparently other people sitting at their computer this evening too.


1 comment:

Emmy said...

Hey twin,
I owe you an email, I'm gonna try for tonight :) I've been in Cleveland OH all weekend so I have stuff to share :)
Glad you are surviving the heat! I'll be there in 6 days!