Friday, July 28, 2006

Moving In

It's done. We're officially in. My bed is set up and my alarm clock is plugged in...and that's about it :P I am SO tired. I have WAY too much stuff to carry up a series of steps, down a very long hallway and into the apartment. I single handedly filled the storage room almost to the top.

Big, big, big thanks to my youngest brother Aaron and his friends Ryan (in the blue) and Dillon (not shown) They were troopers, carry LOTS of heavy boxes and akward furniture.

That's me standing in front of about half of my boxes in front of the building. Seth had borrowed the truck from work and he had to get it back by four so we ended up unloading onto the road and taking it in from there.

We're at my parents house for dinner tonight (cause heaven knows WE don't have any food) but we'll be sleeping in our apartment tonight. I'll try and post picutres of inside asap.



Veronica in Aus said...

Wooohooo!!! It's the start of something BIG! Congrats Heidi and enjoy your new digs :)

Martha said...

Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope your day is bright and filled with fun...just like you!

Emmy said...

WooHoo this is so exciting!!! So happy for ya'll :)