Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Most Embarrasing Moment

Okay so Blogger won't register that I was uploading pictures yesterday. If it decides to smarten up I'll let you know.

Yesterday Seth and Robert came over for dinner. Seth gave us an update on his "condition". Remember how Sunday evening he went to the clinic? Well Monday morning he was still very sore so he decided to go see the family doctor. I can't remember if I've mentioned this but our regular family doctor, Dr. W. has pancreatic cancer so the family has been slowly switching over to Dr. B. Seth went in to see Dr. B. and started telling him about what happened. Dr. B. said "Yes, don't you remember me? I was at the clinic last night!!!" Seth said he has NEVER felt so embarrased! Anyways, it was good that he went back because this time Dr. B. ordered x-rays. I haven't heard what the results are on that yet.


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