Wednesday, July 12, 2006

(almost) Done Deal

I forgive him. Seth that is. For sleeping in. It actually worked out great. I had a big meeting this morning. I had to be at the hotel where it was taking place at 6:30am for set up and then from 8 to noon I took continuous notes. My hand HURTS. It was a very productive morning though. After that my boss gave me the rest of the day off. I have a board meeting next week so it's going to be crazy busy getting ready for that and I needed a break.

Because I was off early I called Seth and picked him up and we went and viewed the aprtment together. He liked it and I filled out my part of the rental application today! WE HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE! Seth will fill out his part of the application tomorrow (he had to go to work) and as soon as we get the deposit $$ together (he gets paid on Friday) we can process the application.

The current tenants move out sometime next week and after the carpets are cleaned and touch ups done we can start moving in (sometime in teh last week of July). Formal posession date is August 1st but we can be there before that.

I'm really happy with the space. It is on the first floor and we look out into the courtyard which has a pool in it! The bedrooms are equal sized with lots of storage space. Question. If you had your choice of the bedroom beside the bathroom or the bedroom beside the living room which would you choose? (They are right beside each other). Keep in mind that Seth showers at 3am when he gets home but the bedroom by the shower has a nice built in shelf in the closet. I'm leaning one way but I haven't decided yet.

Anyhow, it's a big load off my mind to have this in place. Now I have clearance to go scrapping on Saturday (because I won't be house hunting) and I can start packing in earnest. I'll keep you updated on my progress!



Emmy said...


It's a toss up on the bedroom, my bedroom (bearing in mind I have a 1 bf apt and no roommate unless you count Abbie kitty) is next to the bathroom and when/if someone is over I hear the shower but my bed is not against that wall so it's really minimal noise.
I'd give that my vote but it's up to you, do you have a preference on daylight, etc? Seth may prefer the room that is a bit darker as far as light coming in, etc.

Veronica in Aus said...

My bedroom is next to the bathroom - and I rarely hear any noise from it. It depends on your sleeping patterns - but I would guess that by 3am you're in your deep sleep phase and won't hear anything anyway. Maybe the first few nights - just because it is different - but you'd quickly get used to it.

When I first moved out of home (in the quiet countryside) I moved into the city and onto a very busy road - traffic ALL.NIGHT. The first few nights I barely slept because of the noise. After a few weeks, I couldn't sleep if I DIDN'T hear constant traffic noise!

So - to cut a long story short ;) - go with the room that you like best (if Seth lets you!)

tosin said...

I vote for the one by the bathroom. I'm thinking that if he has company over in the living room you would be farther away, and that would be more disruptive than a late shower.

Actually, I think you should just go with the one with the most closet space.

Let us know!


Janis said...

Way to go Heidi! Let me know if you need furniture, we may be getting rid of some!

Mel said...

I have been reading the stories and Congrats!!! Yay!!
I would say the one closest to the living room.. because if you are awake you would probably hear the shower.
Does he have an opinion?