Sunday, July 09, 2006

House Hunting Report #1

Yesterday evening Seth and I started the great house hunt. He had made some calls and lined up appointments to see some basement suites.

#1 Quite nice. Great landlord, interesting location, very close to work for me, not so for him. Two bedrooms and a "den" (which he'd probably use as a bedroom). Small kitchen and living room

#2 Yellow. Seriously, the whole place was painted a VERY intersting colour. Weird landlord, small bedrooms, large living room and decent kitchen.

#3 A mess because the other people are moving. We think we like this one best because everything is spread out (my bedroom is no where near his and both are down the hall from the kitchen) and there is STORAGE. The only thing I don't like is there is very little natural daylight in there. I will be there in the evenings mostly though so it's not a huge deal.

#4 One bedroom is nice, the other was a broom closet. We both almost laughed out loud when we saw it. Definitely a no.

#5 SMELLED!!! Seth held his breath the whole time we were in there. Plus you enter through the second "bedroom" Not good for someone who works night shift.

#6 Interesting. Good size bedrooms and front room but the kitchen is very, very small and the storage is no-existant.

Today we are hoping to look at apartments. I'll keep you updated!


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Veronica in Aus said...

Oh! You've covered a lot of ground already! Hope you get something suitable very soon. (and can I just say, a good landlord is an important consideration...)