Monday, June 26, 2006

Gretchen Wilson

Gretchen wasn’t much better then Big & Rich. A lot of the fans on Dierks’ message board are upset that he wasn’t right before Kenny. That is what I had expected would have happened and it would have been MUCH better for the show. Gretchen was okay. She does have a good voice and she did get the crowd pretty excited. I’ve been listening to her latest cd for the past few days so I was familiar with the songs that aren’t singles (like “Skoal Ring”) and her brand new single “California Girls”. As an entertainer though, she was just down right boring. Strutting back and forth across the stage and constantly playing with her hair. She did an acoutstic set which I’m sure was interesting but because the sound was so bad and the echo was so loud, most of it passed right over my head. I was glad when she finished.

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