Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Big News

Last Monday in my “What Could Have Been” post, I alluded to the fact that I had some “big news”. I wasn’t ready to post at the time because I was waiting for confirmation and a clearer timeline. Yesterday I got it.

Remember in the previous post how I had stopped by my old office and was kind of sad that I wasn’t part of that organization any more? Well the very next day (Saturday, May 27th) I stopped off at the Farmers’ Market downtown. (Something which I helped launch while at my old job) Lots of local “movers and shakers” were there since it was the first day of the season and the “official opening”.

I was chatting with another of my co-workers when my old boss approached us. He greeted us and then said “Heidi, I’m glad you are here. I have a proposition for you. Would you be interested in sitting on our Board of Directors?”

My immediate reaction was “Heck yeah!” but of course I had to play it cool and be professional. I had to check with my boss to make sure she was okay with the time commitment it would involve and he has to pass it through the nominating committee and get board approval.

How cool is that though? Two months after I finish working for them I’m invited to sit on the Board! This is how I can be involved. I am very excited :D

The nominating committee/board process will probably take a little while. Currently the Board is made up of seven men. There are a few reasons my ex-boss is nominating me for the position.
1. I’m a woman, and they’ve always had problems with female membership.
2. I’m a “youth” (anything under 29 is considered a youth) and they need “fresh blood”
3. I’ve been around for a long time and he likes my input, my point of view and my experience.

I told my mom, that since I won’t work for pay, he wants me to work for free :D
Anyways, I am very flattered to be asked and I am excited to continue on with this organization while still keeping my day job.

Oh, and the Tuesday after I was approached regarding the board position I got a phone call. This one was from one of the references I had used to get my current job. I sit on a task force committee for a local organization that she is the staff contact for. She asked “are you working FULL time?” When I replied that I was she said “That’s too bad. My part time assistant just accepted a full time position at another organization and I would have liked to talk to you about filling this one”!

Talk about good for the ego. I need it though. I’ve got my three month review coming up soon. Wish me luck!!!



Veronica in Aus said...

Wow - so what does this Board of Directors do? I assume this would involve meetings outside of your normal work hours? Just be careful not too work too much - all work and no play...is a very bad thing ;)

Good luck with your review...really, has it been 3 months already?

Christy said...

Go Heidi,go Heidi. Don't overdo it- you want to have time to scrap!

agent713 said...

From their website:
"A not-for-profit, community operated organization consisting of committed volunteers and staff who provide leadership and act as catalysts to improve the social, cultural, and economic well being of rural communities."

So, I'd be a "committed volunteer" providing "leadership and acting a a catalyst" It's a lot of buzz words. Basically we give the organization direction for achieving the goals we decide on.

It is out of normal work hours. One meeting a month around the third week of the month and committees, if I chose to get involved.

I am being very cautious on how much time I invest. I am very aware that I get cranky if I don't have any "me" time. I think I can handle this. If it turns out it's too much I can always step down. The good thing is the meetings start at 4:30 and are usually over by 7 at the latest so I still technically have my evening.

And yes, it has already been three months (or will be on the 15th) time goes fast doesn't it?


Veronica in Aus said...

OK - that sounds doable :) And a great experience too (not a bad ting for the resume either ;))