Friday, June 02, 2006

You're gonna die

One of my co-workers (our receptionist) smokes. On Thursday's and Friday's when our part time receptionist is off I'm responsible for covering the phones when this girl goes for lunch or out for a smoke.

Today, when she informed me that she was headed out for a cigarette I told her

"Girl, you're gonna die if you keep doing that."

She replied with, "If I don't go, someone certainly will die". She's a bit stressed right now. You can't really argue with her logic either :D



agent713 said...

::snort:: She came back and told me that she could *HEAR* me rolling my eyes before she went out. :D Guess I'm not that subtle, eh?

Veronica in Aus said...

LOL - you must have some loud eye-rolling going on there ;)

I tell my brother that all the time - as does one of our co-workers. It's wasted on him. He knows all the risks....and still continues to do it.

I have learned from experience that a smoker can only give up when *they* want to. (I had an ex-boyfriend who was a smoker - I tried for a few years to get him to give up with no success. One day he decided for himself - and gave up just like that :snaps fingers:)

Martha said...

Grrr...smokers! When I first became a nurse practitioner, I would get so frustrated when they wouldn't listen to my medical advice. Finally, my mentor physician reminded me that although I had a responsibility TO my patients to warn them of the risks, I was not responsibly FOR them. It still frustrates me to see smart people making not so smart decisions...but I guess it will be what it is meant to be.