Friday, June 02, 2006

Word of the Day #16: eponymous

e·pon·y·mous ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-pn-ms)adj.
Of, relating to, or constituting an eponym.

ep·o·nym ( P ) Pronunciation Key (p-nm)n.
A person whose name is or is thought to be the source of the name of something, such as a city, country, or era. For example, Romulus is the eponym of Rome.
Medicine. A name of a drug, structure, or disease based on or derived from the name of a person.

I think this is the coolest sounding word. I see it often in relation to self titled albums. Just a bit of trivia, George Strait's 27th album was simply named "George Strait" The quote from his website reads: "When asked about the eponymous title of this CD, George replied jokingly, 'Yeah, I ran out of CD titles so I just stuck my name in there'." :D


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