Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's so EASY

I promise my mission in life ISN'T to annoy him but sometimes it's just so EASY! Him being my dad of course. He has this...knack, for asking the most OBVIOUS questions. It drives Mom and I nuts so we tend to give smart-alec answers when he asks stuff.

For example, I was over there late last week filling Mom in on my summer plans. It's been a LONG journey of me trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. There are lots of options for what I COULD do this summer and instead of just sitting back and letting it develop (which I swear, unlike the rest of my family, I am physically incapable of) I gave her the long version of how I came to the conclusion that I am happy with (I was still trying to convince myself which is why she got all the pros and cons LOL) Bottom line is I'm planning a trip to Alberta (Edmonton then Calgary) during the second week of July. The plan is to leave BC on Sunday or Monday, drive to Edmonton, spend time there, then come down to Calgary on probably Thursday and spend time there before coming home the following Sunday or Monday.

Dad came home halfway through our conversation and I filled him in. He asked "who are you going to see?" Now on one hand it's a valid question. I have a LOT of family in Alberta. He has five siblings who have over twenty kids between them and Mom has four siblings with over 10 kids between them not to mention all THEIR kids. But he KNOWS I'll try and see as many people as possible so it's kind of a redundant question. So, instead of naming relatives I looked him in the eye and answered "Dierks Bentley" (Dierks is playing at the Calgary Stampede which I admit was one of my reasons for picking the second week of July). Anyways, this answer made him roll his eyes and it made Mom and I laugh.

I swear it's not my intent to always get him like that but he walks into it!


Martha said...

Even better would have been to reply "dierks" and leave out the last name...would your dad have stood there trying to figure if that was a new family member?

Too funny...and they say women can be so dense...

Passionate Eater said...

You have to take advantages of the chances to be witty when you get them!