Friday, March 14, 2008

One night at the store

I kept a rough journal of my shift last night so you can all know what it's like :D

5:15 Arrive at the store
read bulletin board (New Easter contest coming. Cool.)
put on name tag and lanyard
5:30 Check in
get an update from my coworker (hey, I haven't been there in over a week!)
Review my tasks for the night (refreshing the nook and unpacking new stock) and current sales/sales goals
5:45 Co-worker leaves early because she didn't get her second 15 minute break earlier.
5:50 Check coming schedules. Working this Sunday :( Whole Easter weekend off :)
Get going on nook. The picture at right was taken at the end of the night. I re-folded most of the t-shirts, moved the new ones from the nook to the table, re-arranged the sweatshirts/jeans/sweatpants and folded the vests on the table over the course of the evening.
6:00 Check and record sales
6:10 A "yahoo! sale" $172!
6:45 Call co-worker "we made budget again!" (For you non-retail people, "budget" is the goal set by head office for each store to achieve each day. Our store hasn't been doing that well but my co-worker has been having a great week. So fare we're the first in the district for the week. Meeting budget for the day, again, was a good thing.)
7:05 Finish bottom of nook, start top, start unloading new stock
7:10 I found a note from my manager "Note for Heidi: Hi Heidi, I know you're still here!! See you soon :)" I haven't actually SEEN her in well over three weeks because our shifts don't over lap. It's nice to be acknowledged.
7:25 My littlest brother walks by. I go outside under the pretense of straightening the front table and yell after him. Can you believe that I've been working at the store since October and this is the first time I've seen him? He practically *lives* at the mall. EVERYTIME I'm at my parents I swear he is looking for a ride to the mall. I've watched for him but this is the first time I've actually seen him. We chatted for a bit before he continued on.
7:30 I called mom to report that I saw Aaron. (hey, it was kind of exciting LOL)
7:45 Finish the table
7:50 Do the "tag tucking, fly zipping" thing again
7:55 Wonder for the umpteenth time if the girl at Naturalizer is the little sister of someone I graduated with (note, the second picture is my view out to the mall from the cash desk)
8:00 Check and record sales
8:10 Talk to Aaron again. He's with his girlfriend (somehow he thinks Mom and Dad don't know she's his "girlfriend". I tried not to burst his bubble but he's been with her since Christmas. I'm pretty sure they've got it figured out). His friend and friend's girlfriend were there too. I talk to the friends girlfriend like I know her (I've heard a LOT about her). She was a bit creeped out until I explain that I am Aaron's older sister. She mentions that she is a "cousin" to Aaron's girlfriend. Get this. Her uncle's, girlfriend's, sister's, daughter is Aaron's girlfriend. Cousins. Right. Got it. LOL
8:20 Finish nook
8:25 Read newsletters, coupons, anything in print to keep from falling asleep
8:30 Sit on small step ladder to rest feet
8:35 Write this entry, lament lack of internet access
8:40 do stats for the night (I'm not making any sales in the next twenty minutes right?)
8:45 Take self-timed portrait for blog.
8:50 pull in front table, t-stand, half close doors
8:58 Close doors, cash out.

So there you go. A night in the life. Hopefully tonight is as stimulating as yesterday's was :)


Veronica said...

I can't believe you took a self-timed portrait in the store BEFORE you closed the doors. Imagine explaining that to a customer who happened to walk in as the photo is taken? LOL

Karin said...

Hey, you could be my personal shopper! I never get to a mall and I don't enjoy shopping, but I see some cute things in those photos (besides you!). I need socks too ~ are they on sale? Got anything wind, horse hair and manure proof? LOL!

agent713 said...

Believe me V, no one was coming in. There's a reason why my projected sales for the last hour of the night are usually between 12and zero dollars :rolleyes:

Karin, I'd love to have you come to the store. I'm generally only there when I'm working though and I only know the clothes we sell. Socks are currently 3 for $10 and I think they're the best socks out there. In fact I have so many I can barely close my sock drawer anymore :D

As for your more specific requirments? Wind maybe but not horse or manure LOL