Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12 of 12 January

A day late, and not scrapped, but here's my Twelve of Twelve for January. (See here if you're not familiar with this challenge)

January 12, 2009 was my last day at my job. I ironed a shirt in the morning (and then discovered that I was missing a button so I sewed it on while I was wearing the shirt).

Driving to work, in the rain and realizing that this is the last day I'll take this trip as a "commute".

I finished my last set of minutes!!! (for that job). 26 sets in 2006. 52(!) in 2007 and 44 in 2008. *Crazy* I'll be doing minutes at my new job but not nearly this volume.

My leftovers being nuked for lunch (hey, you wanted a slice of life, this is a slice of life LOL)

The next few pictures are ones I've been meaning to take for awhile. I have a "triangle" of errands that I do on a regular basis. Today I ran them backwards but I still did them.

#1 The Bank

#2 The Post Office
#3 The Library

Back to the office...for the last time.

What I was *really* doing when my bossed asked LOL
After work I had my tires rotated.

And I got the new Stampin' Up catalogue!!!

The last thing of the day was my first night back at dance. The 12 of 12 challenge requires that at least one photo be a self portrait. It took me awhile to find a place to set my camera and then to not look like an idiot while looking over my shoulder :P This is my jacket with the name of my square dance club on it.

So there you go. Nothing super exciting but it's done! And it's kind of nice to have a log of a Monday at my job :)


Veronica said...

Good job on the self portrait! I must do this one day - the 12 of 12 thing. Great way to take a snapshot of your life.

O said...

Hi - you had a busy day! I love your post office building :) Thanks for sharing your 12th with us.

Kimmy said...

Your town looks so cute. Love your little jacket too. :)

merideth said...

congrats on your first 12-of-12. doesn't have to be a scrapbook page - blogging is just as good.

square dancing! that sounds like so much fun (i think my little guy would love it,too). i look forward to checking out your 12-of-12 every month. :)

Lisa said...

great set of photos. It has given me some inspiration for photos to take in the coming months. I love my hometown and often forget to take photos. Thanks for sharing.