Monday, January 19, 2009

The First Week

I dream a lot, and vividly. most of the time I can remember my dreams in great detail. I rarely put stock in what I dream because I can fairly easily tie the occurances to my daily activities but sometimes, like horoscopes, my dreams really fit. The dream I had the night before I started my new job was a perfect example.

I dreamt that I was going back to high school. My brother Aaron was with me, he was going back as well (and he is, but that's another post altogether). I dreamt that while the school was familiar, most things had moved around because they had undergone renovations since I left. I dreamt that I knew where my locker was but I couldn't find the sticky note that had my combination on it and while I knew I had to go to class, I didn't know which one to start with. Aaron did though so we split up. He headed to class and I went down to the counsellors office. Of course the counesllor was one of my Board Members from my old job LOL

The dream totally fit my first day at work. Everything was vaguely familiar but because they have moved to a different office since I was last working there, it was all moved around. I had a computer assigned to me but no profile (until I was able to get ahold of the computer administrator the next day) and even though I had a computer, I had to get the code (one of many I've located over the past few days).

Some of the staff is the same, but some are new. Of course I'm familiar with the Directors because I used to BE one! Now I'm back to being staff. It's going well. My days are full and I like knowing that I am needed and that I have a role to play.

Day two didn't start out so well. First I set off the alarm because I didn't have the right code. Then the internet wasn't working and eveyrone was looking to me to solve the issue. After spending three quarters of an hour on the phone with a wonderful Telus employee named David, we finally agreed that there was nothing wrong with the systems or connections and I took a leap of faith and rebooted the server. Doing that scares the cr@p out of me but it turned out to be the right action and everyone was happy.

The rest of the week was calmer but no less crazy. I have a looooong to-do-list and I'm slowly working through it. Certain people are only in the office on certain days and often I have to wait to consult with them before finishing a task. It's a bit frustrating but at least I am used to multi-tasking!

We had a Strategic Planning session on Thursday and it went really well. I admit I'm having a bit of difficulty switching back to "staff" thinking but I feel that my time on the board of directors (and my experienc in a different organization) has prepared me for the tasks that I carry out. It was nice to have a planning session to solidify in my mind what needs to be done and the steps to do it.

Bottom line: I like my job (not love yet, there's just too much that I'm pulling the old "fake it till you make it" gig) and I like that it keeps me busy. What I don't like is that I have practically no time to be online!!! I miss all my online friends and blog buddies. Hopefully y'all haven't forgotten about me :)


Veronica said...

Nope. Haven't forgotten you yet. Missing you lots though.

I know what you mean about rebooting the server - I had to do it at one of the schools I worked at last year and it scared the crap out of me too. Mind you, after the first time I was no longer scared to do it. Had to do it several times in fact while I was there.

Terri in BC said...

So you're back at the old, but not in the 'wack? Let's do lunch one day and catch up!

Karin said...

Hey stranger! Glad to hear you're enjoying your new job! It's been a while since I caught up with you - miss you and have been thinking of you! Your new co-workers are blessed to have you there - may you too be blessed!