Monday, January 12, 2009

Quiet Time

Last week was very relaxing for me. I had zero commitments in the evenings and I took full advantage of that. Monday dance was cancelled so I stayed home. Tuesday's I don't have anything scheduled anyways, so again, I was at home. Wednesday Meredith came over for dinner and then I went to church. Thursday, I was at home. I admit I was getting a bit restless and I briefly considered going shopping or something but I decided against it because I really don't need to spend the money. By Friday, as much as I had enjoyed having so many quiet evenings in a row, I knew I wouldn't last so I called Mere and we went and saw "Bride Wars". Fun movie. We both really enjoyed it.

Saturday the weather was horrible so I stayed home and scrapbooked until the evening when I met up with Melissa, Jevon and a bunch of others for Jevon's birthday dinner.

Sunday we had a late service so I scrapbooked in the morning and then went and hung out at my parents house for the afternoon.

My scrapbooking focus has been on Veronica's Visit to Vancouver and I'm happy to say that it's nearing completion. It's been a fun project to work on and I love reliving those memories.

Today is my last day at work. Tomorrow I start my new job. Wish me luck!

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