Thursday, January 08, 2009

Proof that History Repeats Itself

December 1, 2005
My boss calls me into the board room for a meeting. He explains that they are opening a second office (which I knew) and that he had conducted interviews for a Program Assistant position. Even though I hadn't applied he asked me to take the job. I thought about it overnight and agreed.

December 16, 2006
Same boss, different board room. The funding is over. The office is closing. 15 minutes later in his office he asks me to come back to the home office. What position I'd take is uncertain. I said no and in March (when the funding actually ended) I started at my current job.

I run into my ex-boss at the local Farmers' Market. He asks if I'd be willing to sit on the volunteer Bard of Directors. I agree.

December 15, 2008
Same guy, this time we're at a restaurant. The office is restructuring their staffing and there will be a position opening up. Am I interested? My reaction? "Tell me more".

I feel like Sally Field "They like me. They really, really like me!"

Anyways, getting to the point of this post, I start a new job, at my old company, on Tuesday. My title is "Office Administrator" and my duties are a combination of my current job and my previous job (Program Assistant and Executive Assistant). The actual job description is three pages long because it's really detailed. There's also a few pages of what I'm NOT doing, which is good to know.

It's taken a little while to work out the details and that is partly why I didn't post very much in December. I was waiting for an update on this situation. I'm finally ready to share though and I am MORE than ready to start.

I'm going back to a very different organization from the one I left. Their scope and impact is much larger and my role there is very exciting. It's back in my hometown so my "commute" is shorter (I put commute in quotes because it's only about 10 minutes currently. It's going down to 5. Peanuts!) The best part about the new job is they are taking into account my previous service and giving me four, (FOUR!) weeks of paid vacation. Woohoo!!!

And for the record, the boss in question is actually phasing out his involvement with the company. He's on extended medical leave right now and just working as a consultant. In time he won't be there at all.

So, wish me luck with my new job! And I ask for your forgiveness in advance if I don't post very much for the rest of the month.


Veronica said...

Congrats!!! I am so happy for you! And the 4 weeks paid leave makes me LOL because that is pretty much standard here with any job.

Good luck and enjoy that new job feeling :)

Mel said...

Congrats, Heidi! That is very exciting. The best thing about it is that YOU are excited about it. And the vacation time . . . WOW!