Friday, December 16, 2005


So, this is how my blog is going to start. With a career search.

My general manager called an emergency meeting today at lunch. Seems he's met with our funders and they have chosen to not extend our contract past March 3, 2006. My immediate thoughts?

"OMFSM, this is what I get for digging such a deep hole of debt. No job. How am I going to cope?"
"Hello? Heidi? You knew this was a possibility. You aren't actually surprised are you?"
"Hmmm...this could be my chance to move on with my life!!!"
"Christmas is next week. Why now??? My family is DEFINITELY not getting gifts this year."
"God bless Jenna for *giving* me my ticket to the Brad Paisley concert. Knowing I don't have to pay her back is SUCH a huge load off my shoulders"
"Wow. No job. I've joked about this for years. Now it's a reality."

And on and on.

As you can see I'm not shocked, I'm not heart broken and I'm definitely not freaking this point. Anyone who knows me knows that I have been...shall we say...unsatisfied? With my job of late. "Job" is a broad term though. I like what I DO (administrative support) I just don't get fired up about WHY I do it and the services we (as an organization) provide (employment services in the non profit sector). I've talked and thought about moving on for a long time. This could just be the kick in the pants that makes it happen.


So, my boss finishes telling the group that we have 10 weeks of work left and then he calls me into his office. <> Go into bosses office. "Heidi, I don't know what your reaction to this news is but I want you to know that I am prepared to make a position available to you in <> should you be interested in taking it. At this point I don't know what form it would take, or what your responsibilites would be but if you think you would be interested I'd like to know by the end of the first week in January. Think it over during the Christmas break and let me know if you'd like to stay with the organization or if you think you need to move on at this time."


Something tells me this was a GREAT time to start a blog!!!


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Veronica in Aus said...

Wow Heidi - that is scary!!!! But I kind of know how you feel. My job is not ending like yours is - but I feel I am at a very definite cross roads. I need to make some serious choices soon too. Don't quite know what direction I will be taking yet. It does suck to have to think about things like this at Christmas time though.