Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas Vacation Update

Wow. Long time no blogging! :) So, what have I been up to? Enjoying the most relaxing week of vacation that I’ve had in a long time. Getting in tune with my internal clock. If I lived in a perfect world I would go to bed somewhere just past eleven and wake up around nine o’clock. Too bad most of the job’s I want [i]start[/i] at eight.

Christmas re-cap (since, it’s been that long since I blogged). How was Christmas? Nothing more or less then I expected it to be. We never did get a tree so the gifts were stacked on the hearth…good thing Santa didn’t come, he’d of tripped over them all :P Seth and Robert stuck to their “we don’t have time to shop” line so it was mostly just Mom & Dad, Aaron and I giving gifts. We anticipate that the boys will be shopping this weekend while they are on the island. That’s part of the reason I haven’t blogged any of this yet. Christmas is kind of in limbo and not really over yet…I think…I hope… ;)

Anyways, Aaron loved the knit touque and leather cuff I bought him. He say’s he feels a bit like a gangster (I prefer the term ‘rocker’ ;)) but I notice he hasn’t taken them off. I also got the anticipated response from Seth and Robert, towards Aaron’s gift. Total and utter disgust :D That’s what I was going for :P Seth really liked the ring that I picked up for him in Stanley Park and I went in with Mom and Dad for a bathrobe for Robert. He *loved* it. Even wore it into Vancouver later in the day ::rolleyes::

As for me, Aaron got me a really nice pair of leather gloves. Robert got me a pair a few years ago but I lost the left one :huh: I had to exchange the ones Aaron got for a half size bigger but they are beautiful and fit well.

I told Mom that I wanted the new Garth Brooks boxed set from Wal-Mart. Apparently others did too because it’s sold out. :P She gave me the cash towards it instead. I took that cash, and instead of waiting for Garth to come back into stock, went to Future Shop and invested in the George Strait boxed set! This one came out in 1995 and is more then twice the price. I *really* wanted it but I seriously doubted I’d ever get it simply because of the price. I already have half the songs on other disks (namely “50 1’s”) but there are other exclusive tracks, like his duet with Frank Sinatra, “Fly Me to the Moon”, that are ONLY available in the set. Plus it comes with a great booklet outlining his career up to 1995. I am soooo excited to actually own this. So far I’ve kept it in the box and I keep cycling through the cd’s. Some of my favorite tracks? “Fly Me to the Moon” of course, “80 Proof Bottle of Tear Stopper”, “Where the Sidewalk Ends”, “Drinking Champagne”. “Blame it On Mexico” and “Marina Del Rey”.

Back to Christmas. After a yummy lunch and a much spread out gift opening session, we headed into Vancouver to the Imax at Canada Place. There we saw “The Polar Express” in 3D. It was very cool. We were pretty close to the screen since we got there a bit late but it made the effects that much more impressive. I’m not familiar with the Polar Express story (which Mom keeps calling the Polar BEAR express) so I didn’t know what to expect. I enjoyed it though. Really makes you want to be sure you hear the bell ring :)

Anyways, that’s about it. Like I said, the boys are on the island this week but they should be back any day. I’ve been reading a lot, re-arranging stuff in my bedroom, and playing Scrabble with Mom daily. Oh, and Tuesday I went out to Deb’s. Finished my swaps and worked a bit more on my SS Friends, PA edition book. Thursday it took me a few hours to get organized but I managed to get NINE packages in the mail, including swaps, RAKS, and cards. That was a HUGE load off my chest. Plus I finally called and cancelled my merchant Visa account…It’s about time right? Only four months late :P

Today I’m going to help Leah decorate for her wedding. We’ve got the reception hall and the church to do. The rehersal is at 6 tonight and the wedding is tomorrow at two.

Oh, and I *almost* had a space of time where I didn’t know anyone who was getting married (this hasn’t happened since 1998). Apparently my cousin Ryan is engaged though. No date, but they are engaged. Ah, so close :D

Okay, I’ll wrap it up with that. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has an awesome New Year planned.


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Veronica in Aus said...

Hey - I was wondering when you'd find the time to blog again ;)

Sounds like you are having a great week.