Monday, December 19, 2005

Cleaning out my Car...

I cleaned my car out the other day. There was so much STUFF in it!!! Mostly garbage but not all. It inspired me though. So, to the tune of the "12 days of Christmas" this is what was in my car:

12 used napkins
11 loose cd's
10 packs of ketchup
9 Subway coupons
8 brochures/guide books
7 empty water bottles
6 bits of flotsam
5 Starbucks straws!
4 dead french fries
3 hershey kisses
2 cans of fruit
1 plastic fork

Sad huh? In my defence I haven't cleaned it since my road trip with Veronica. That's where a lot of it came from...though it wasn't "clean" before we left either :P



Veronica in Aus said...

You forgot the big Coke stain ;)

And hey - lots of that stuff was already in there - like the napkins and the CD's and I don't think we went near a Subway ;) The empty water bottles I'll cop.

agent713 said...

LOL oh yeah! I couldn't/didn't remove that though. Everything I wrote here was carried out in bags :)

You have to admit, the bottles were fun ;)


Melissa in AUS said...

yeah, there's nothing more fun than a stray water bottle rolling underneath the brake peddle of your car rendering it useless :ph34r: