Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stanley Park vs. Central Park

Useless Trivia #001
Did you know that Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC is bigger then Central Park in New York City? Not by much but it is. Stanley Park is 1,000 acres and Central Park is 843. Both are huge and beautiful (I assume...I've never been to New York).


Veronica in Aus said...

I didn't know that....but did you know that my Stanely Park is much smaller....and has a waterfall, a tennis court...and the occasional kangaroo??? :P

agent713 said...

We've got tennis courts covered but definitely no roos and I don't *think* there are waterfalls...unless you count the aquarium. LOL

Melissa in AUS said...

We have "Andrew Petrie Park". It has a slippery slide, a fence, and on warm nights after a summer shower we might even get a toad :D

XWX said...

Tis 2 days till Christmas...and I am at work...break room trying to survive a breakfast taco that went for the jugular. don't get me wrong i dig mexican food...but this one came at me...shoulda gone for the Hungarian food Ms.D in accounting was pushing...I can be adventurous..
Anyway: dya like Willie Nelson??? That's what i kept asking as i checked out yer blog.
i have one: www.zubman.blogspot.com

Our part of Texas just lost 2 more service members in Iraq. Death surely sucks.

Having served in the 1980's I see these poor compadres as mere kids. they are so young. yep so was i.
May God be with their families.
(this was supposed to be a little question to you. Sorry for the book.