Thursday, December 22, 2005


Okay, I know there are some people out there who LOVE this show. I just can't do it though. Sadistic plastic surgery doesn't excite me. Granted Julian McMahon is hot (what is with all these Aussie exports???) but the show is just nasty. I get grossed out just reading the updates on SS.

This is my public statement on this topic :D If you enjoy it, good for you. I just don't :P

~Heidi...who much prefers the "normal murder" on CSI :P


Veronica in Aus said...

I have to agree.....

But what is this - 4 posts to your blog while I was sleeping???? Madness :D

agent713 said...


Nancy - nowimscrappin said...


I have to turn away during the plastic surgery scenes. Even some of the graphic sex is a little much for me. But, I LOVE Julian McMahon, have since Charmed. That's why I watch. The story lines are a bit bizarre, but I tolerate so I can see my *honey* Julian!!

Emmy said...

It's definitely a show where you either like it or don't and that's ok, each person has an opinion. I watch for Julian McMahon ... have to have my Dr. Christian Troy fix. The surgery scenes don't bother me (no weak stomach here) and the outrageousness of the show keeps ya coming back!


Mel said...

Funny about N/T... I do not want to see that show... but my friend at work recaps all the episodes for me... so I was telling him about something that happened on Tuesday that as a male he could relate to... and he found it on the satellite and was going to watch it and I said no!!
I agree.. I am ok hearing about it.. but I cannot believe the stuff they do on that show.