Monday, December 19, 2005

Country Music

So Veronica and I were sitting in Earls Cove on the Sunshine Coast waiting for the ferry. She was knitting and I was reading while listening to Dierks Bentley's Modern Day Drifter CD. V is not a country music fan but she was good about putting up with it. I started getting funny looks when "Cab of My Truck" came on though. I'll be the first to admit that it's not exactly the best song to win someone over to country music ;) How is this for stereotypical lyrics?

"Cracked windshield, that I super-glued, Cumpled-up cans and a beat up bag of Red Man chew, Fix-a-Flat, Johnny Cash box set, Half a dozen parking tickets that I ain't paid yet, And sittin' on that cloth bench seat, I got my shotgun girl ridin' next to me"

Hey, it actually sounds like my previous post! Anyways, about half way through the song she asked me "What made you start listening to this type of music anyways?" Good question! (and an appropriate place to start my first blog post specifically about country music). In grade 11 I stopped caring about what other people thought about the music I listened to and the things I "liked". I found that I could concentrate on my homework best if I was listening to either classical or country. My uncle and cousins (from Alberta) all listened to it and I had some exposure through them. Mostly it was just from listening to the radio and deciding I liked what I heard. I remember writing down the chorus from George Strait's "Love Without End, Amen" I loved the fact that his son was born in "the spring of '81" (I was born in the summer of '81) and I thought the lyrics were so clever. That's probably where my love of country music got started.

Like Trace Adkins says. They are "Songs About Me". I love what country music represents as an industry and what most of the artists stand for. Plus, there's the whole cowboy thing which is another post entirely ;)

When I got my car in 2002 it came with a CD player (my first). The first CD's I bought were Tim McGraw and Alan Jackson's Greatest Hits. I've been building my CD collection ever since. I prefer male voices over female and I like the "traditional" country sound.

Currently my top five favourite artists are: George Strait, Dierks Bentley, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson. So far I've seen George and Dierks in concert and I'm going to see Brad on January 18th.

Yup. I'm a country music fan :)


Veronica in Aus said...

Well, I feel honoured. I was quoted in you blog (except, I am certain I never said "anyways" ;))

And the lyrics of that particular song - well, he didn't use much imagination did he? "I need to write a song - I'll just see what's in my car and write the song about that" :huh: :lol:

agent713 said...

LOL I was going to add something about you "saying it more eloquently" but I skipped that part :)

Remember the Kenny Chesney DVD that I *had* to get in PA? Well on it Kenny talks about writing the song "Somewhere in the Sun". They were stuck in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn in Austin, TX. The show was cancelled due to a snow storm and he asked his buddies, "If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?"

Here's the first verse and chorus to that song:
Stuck here in a hoilday inn, near Austin Texas
Seen all the road that I want to see
Got to hate the snow, even cancelled the show
Makes me long for where I really want to be
Oh I wish I was there tonight on Jost Van Dyke
Sipping on some Foxy's Firewater rum
Or kickin' back with Ivan
With all my friends down in the islands
Wouldn't take much for me to up and run
To another life somewhere in the sun

How's that for original? LOL

Melissa in AUS said...

I was looking for the post titled "How we confused people in 8 different time zones and crashed the SS board by changing our avatars" But instead I find one about why I like country music??

BTW: I'd say "anyways" or maybe "any-hoo"

Mel said...

See... Melissa in Aus making it all about her (or what she is doing)!!!!! :P
Funny... I never liked country till I met Nick. And now I like it (though I like more "modern country" - Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts).