Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Heat is On!

My hometown is the proud host to a brand new AHL (Amercian Hockey League) team. Okay, the team isn't new. It's actually the relocated Quad City Flames but under this name, the Abbotsford Heat, they're new. The AHL is predominately an East Coast league and the next closest to us geographically are the Manitoba Moose.

Meredith's parents bought seasons tickets so she and I will hopefully get to go a few more times this year. Sunday was the first game.

Mere was most excited about the fights and there were three "good ones" so she was happy :) Final score was 6-4 for the Heat. Lots of scoring made the game really fun. Although it's great high-level hockey so it was non-stop action anyways.

The Heat are the farm team to the Calgary Flames and the Moose are the farm team to the Vancouver Canucks. Every time a goal was scored, at least half the crowd would cheer. There was as many Moose fans as Heat so it made it interesting.

The penalty shot by Hugo Carpentier late in the third was another highlight.

The Heat play in the brand new Entertainment and Sports Centre and aside from major parking issues, it's a great venue I can't wait to see more games!

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