Monday, September 07, 2009

Labour Day Weekend

The rest of the weekend has been pretty quiet. After our trip to Vancouver I went to a bar-b-que at a friends house. It was still kind of rainy so we stayed inside and played "In a Pickle" a new game that Melissa and Jevon gave me for my birthday, and Uno. I didn't get home until 2am which was kind of crazy but we had fun so it was worth it.

Sunday was church and then over to Mom & Dad's for lunch with Robert. That evening I dropped him off at a friend's house and went to bible study at church.

Monday (today) I wanted to stay in my pjs all day but my family convinced me to come over for dinner so I did end up getting dressed. I spent most of the day puttering around the house. I scrapbooked a bit, made some cards, watched a movie and read some books. It's been good :)

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