Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 12 of 12

I haven't posted a 12 of 12 since May although I have been taking pictures. This is a few days late but at least I'm posting it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I woke up at my regular weekday time (6:42 am) even though my alarm wasn't set. SO not cool because I ended up being kind of tired for the rest of the day. The benefit was I got my day started early which is always nice.

Since I was up I made myself a cup of coffee with the French Press I got for Christmas. I don't use it a lot but I have been lately.
Next I went down to the Farmers' Market. I wanted to take pictures there but I couldn't get a good angle. Instead I came home and took a picture of all my veggies after I put them in my beloved FridgeSmart Tupperware.

This weekend the Canadian Country Music Awards took place in Vancouver. I considered going to the show but I just couldn't swing it financially with New York and everything. On Saturday CMT hosted a Fan Fair Street Festival so I convinced Mom to go with me. Traffic was absolutely insane and we didn't even end up staying all that long. The festival was disorganized and crowded. On stage when we arrived was Steven Lee Olsen, Victoria Banks, Jessie Farrell (and her guitar player to her left) and, my favourite, Doc Walker.
I saw Doc Walker (the only act I really cared about) and then decided that since I've already met them twice and I have their autographs four times, I didn't need to stand in the forever long line to meet them again. I did take a stalkerish photo of them talking to other fans though :D Left is Chris, middle is Dave and right (cut off) is Murray.

Paul McGuire of CMT Canada (left) and Karen Daniels and Clay St. Thomas of JRfm introduced the next round of performers. Next up were Jason Blaine, Aaron Pritchett (and his guitar player), Johnny Reid, and Terri Clark. They had major technical difficulties during this set and Jason ended up playing guitar for Aaron on "Hell Bent for Buffalo". It was great to see Johnny (he ended up sweeping the awards ceremony on Sunday by winning Album of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Video of the Year, Male Artist and Fan's Choice) and Terri Clark. Terri's been laying low lately but she's got a new CD coming out and I believe she's planning a tour in the next little while.
Down the street and away from all the screaming fans we found Casey Clark taping the Chevy Cross Canada Countdown (one of many things he does). He was gracious enough to pose with me (and put up with my star struckness).
Rob was in town again this weekend but he elected to hand out with Dad who was working a car show. Mom and I picked him up on our way back home and stopped at Liquidation World on the way. I bought the shoes on the left a few months ago and *love* them. They're Sketcher brand Crocs. Saturday I got blue and black ones as well. Oh and they were only $6.88 a pair so it's not like they break the bank.

Look who's on the cover of Country Weekly!!! Isn't Jake cute? :D
My offical CCMA Awards program. I bought it because it has fun anecdotes and mini interviews with each of the nominees.

I had dinner with Mom and Robert at my parents house. Afterwards we were sitting on the deck experiencing all the wonderful sounds of city living. Airplanes flying over, loud annoying music, kids crying, geese overhead, and then to add insult to injury, someone decided to mow their lawn. It was NOT relaxing and it was HOT out. We were debating doing an ice cream run when I logged in to Facebook and had this conversation with my friend Naomi.

So, that's how I ended Saturday. At Naomi's playing Super Scrabble and eating ice cream. A great finish to a busy day.

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