Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Insider Report

I’m a blogger but I’m also a blog reader. I am subscribed to close to 100 blogs via Feedblitz but of course many of those don’t update regularly…and a few I don’t read regularly. I need go through and update my subscriptions but I haven’t had the time yet. Most of those are SS friends of some sort but a few are other blogs I’ve stumbled upon. One I’ve been reading for a few years is “Cooking with the Single Guy”
Chef Ben is located in the Bay Area and reviews restaurants I’ll probably never visit but he’s adventurous and by reading his posts I’ve been brave enough to try lots of new dishes because he’s profiled them.

I’ve done the arm chair travel thing to Hawaii (more than once), Buenos Aires and lots of Californian locations. This past weekend he was in New York.

I have a HUGE radar out for anything New York right now. So when I saw that he was there, I was super excited. Then he reviewed a restaurant and I googled the distance from our hotel. It came in at “about one minute”.

You can read the comments but it turns out that he stayed at the same hotel that Mere and I are booked into!!! So cool! I did email him and it sounds like a great choice in hotel, and we have some suggestions of places to eat around there too.


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