Monday, October 19, 2009

I am regressing technologically

I’ve always been woefully behind when it comes to technology. I listen to music on the radio and from cd’s (no digital files for me!), I still have a cell phone (instead of a Blackberry or other equally as addicting device) and I don’t even have internet at home.

Lately I’ve been going backwards even more. I listen to cd’s at home but my “cd player” was a unit from Seth’s ex-girlfriend. Horribly beat up on and a few months ago the cd part stopped functioning so I was listening to music via my dvd player. Pathetic I know. Anyways, Mere took pity on me and loaned me her old stereo system. It’s a really nice unit with a three disk changer and…(drum roll…) a double tape deck!

Yes. That’s what I’m most excited about. LOL The thing is I have tapes that I haven’t listened to so it’s been fun to rediscover them…even if they are old technology.

Speak of tapes, guess what I bought last Friday? It seems like everyone is moving on to Blu-Ray and I bought a VHS player! LOL I set it up in my scrap room along with a small tv that I got off a friend who was cleaning house. Then I went over to my parents and raided their video collection.

I know it’s “old” technology but I’m excited!!!

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tosin said...

Sometimes old school is best.